Watch Max Face Off With New Amsterdam’s Sinister New Director

New Amsterdam fans, prepare yourselves for a showdown.

In this exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday, Oct. 12’s all-new episode, Max faces off with the hospital’s new medical director, Dr. Fuentes. She makes her mission abundantly clear, and unfortunately for Max, it doesn’t align with his—or anyone’s, so long as they’re determined to prioritize patients over profits.

“If money is all you care about, why don’t you just turn New Amsterdam into a private hospital and shut the doors on anyone who can’t pay enough to live?” Max asks Dr. Fuentes in the clip.

“I will take that under consideration,” she snaps back, further infuriating Max by revealing she plans to sell a nearby park to a “huge corporation.”

Surely, some of those profits will benefit patients, research, or new facilities, right?

Not according to Dr. Fuentes. Even when Max threatens that he won’t sign off on her proposal, she refuses to back down.

“I’m gonna wait you out and then I’m gonna undo every bloated program, every underfunded clinic and everything that you’ve built on very shaky ground,” Dr. Fuentes says. “It’s coming down.”

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