Tom Brady Shares “Difficult Issue” He and Gisele Bündchen Are Facing

Tom and Gisele are known for their strict, plant-based diet that eliminates things like white sugar, white flour, MSG, caffeine and dairy. The NFL star said on his podcast that under his supervision, their kids’ diet “gets more relaxed.” 

“They probably eat a little more sugar,” he said.

Tom also said that under his watch, “They definitely stay up later. They definitely get more time on the iPad. My wife likes to, she’s very in tune with what they need. I’m a little looser with things. I leave a little few more things up to them.”

And speaking of sugar, the family is preparing for Trick-or-Treaters at their home in Florida. No, the guests do not have to adhere to their diet.

“My wife’s been into it a lot lately,” Tom said. “We decorated our house. We’ve got a Grim Reaper. We’ve got a ghost.  We’ve got a cat, it’s eyes move every time someone crosses. And we hand out good candy. I remember when I was in elementary school and we’d go Trick-or-Treating, you’d always go the houses that gave away great candy.  If you come by our house, you get great candy.”

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