This Couple Got a Big Surprise When They Found Molly Shannon’s Phone

A couple is sharing their story after recently making a Saturday Night Live alum’s day.

On Sunday, Oct. 11, a pair of New York City residents posted Instagram footage on the Metropolis Collectibles account to explain how they were in a cab over the weekend when they realized Molly Shannon‘s phone was also in the vehicle with them. 

The guy who found the phone shared that he and his partner were “coming home from New York Comic-Con, and a phone starts ringing in the back of the cab. We pick it up and eventually find out whose phone it is. We get a phone call from someone who’s very nervous that they’ve lost their phone, and look whose phone it is!”

He then panned the camera over to reveal the 57-year-old The White Lotus star, who spontaneously did her famous Superstar pose with her arms outstretched before sharing her side of the story.

“This has never happened to me because I am very reliable with my phone, but it must have slipped out of my purse, and I was panicked,” Molly recalled. “I got back to my hotel, and I did the ‘find my iPhone,’ and I’m seeing my phone on like 33rd St., and I’m like, ‘I’m never gonna get it back.'”

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