Project Runway’s Elaine Welteroth Gives a Pregnancy Update

Project maternity style! 

Project Runway judge Elaine Welteroth recently announced she’s expecting her first child with husband John Singletary on Oct. 11, and the bestselling author exclusively revealed to E! News that her Bravo co-star Nina Garcia had a hand in her decision to start a family. 

“I feel like she incepted this pregnancy because when we were on set filming, she pulled me aside—I don’t know what got into her, some angel must have whispered in her ear—but she just came at me with the most intense, like parenting advice,” Welteroth told E! News on Oct. 12 about a past conversation with Garcia.

“Like, ‘You have to have a baby. You have to have a baby, Elaine. Don’t wait. If you’re scared, don’t be scared. If you’re worrying about your career, your career is going to blossom. It’s going to blossom even more after you have babies. Babies are the best thing in life.’ I mean, she came on strong.”

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