Keke Palmer Reveals the Dating Advice Ice Cube Gave Her

This Ice Cube story will warm your heart.

In a sneak peek at tonight’s Celebrity Game Face, airing Oct. 26 on E!, Keke Palmer shares the moving advice her former Long Shots co-star once told her.

Keke poses the trivia question to her competitors: “The first person to warn me about boys was a member of: A) my family, B) my church or C) N.W.A.?” 

Eventually, Keke spills on what happened: 

“When I was, I think 12 years old, I did the Long Shots with Ice Cube. When I was on the set, I grew up in the industry, but I was starting to get older at this point. I was starting to get together,” Keke jokes.

She continues, “Ice Cube, he pulled me to the side. He was like, ‘Keke, I know you’re growing up, and I just want you to understand the way these men are seeing you isn’t always how you see yourself.’ And that was Ice Cube. Isn’t he the best?”

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