Karen Huger Says Nicki Minaj Is a “Huge Fan” of This RHOP Star

“We would’ve gone at it,” Karen added. “I wouldn’t of bowed down. I would’ve said, ‘Excuse me, you don’t speak to me that way.’ But that’s me and that’s Ray, that’s our dynamic. So I’m learning Mia and G’s. But no, it would’ve been on and poppin’.”

The RHOP O.G. continued to discuss this season, including her recent reconciliation with Gizelle Bryant.

“Let me be real with you, I don’t start anything with Gizzy. Gizzy starts it with me but I finish it,” Karen began. “I can say the girls, I love all the girls on the show—I love Wendy [Osefo], Mia, Gizzy, Candiace [Dillard], Ashley [Darby], Askale [Davis]…I really have respect for everyone, but you’re not gonna come at me disrespectfully year after year after year, so Gizelle just got put into her place.”

“But at some point, that wore the girls out,” she continued. “And because I care about this team—RHOP, these are my girls—I had to try. I had to set an example and see if I can reset the clock.”

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