John Travolta Honors Late Wife Kelly Preston on Her Birthday

During an interview on Kevin Hart‘s Hart to Hart, Travolta recalled a conversation he’d had with Benjamin about life and death.

“Once he said, ‘You know, because mom passed away, I’m afraid you’re going to,'” Travolta remembered. “And I said, ‘Well, it’s a very different thing.’ And I went through the differences about my longevity and her limited life. I said, ‘But you know, Ben, you always love the truth, and I’m going to tell you the truth about life: Nobody knows when they’re going to go or when they’re going to stay.’ I said, ‘Your brother left at 16. Too young. Your mother left at 57, that was too young. But who’s to say?’ I said, ‘I could die tomorrow, you could, anybody can.’ I said, ‘So, let’s look at life that it’s part of life. You see, you don’t know exactly, you just do your best at trying to live the longest you can.”

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