Get in the Holiday Spirit With the Single All the Way Trailer

This makes us want the holiday season real bad.

On Wednesday, Nov. 10, Netflix released the trailer for its first queer-led holiday film, Single All the Way, which will premiere the first week in December. The upcoming rom-com boasts an impressive ensemble cast, including Ugly Betty‘s Michael Urie, Hocus PocusKathy Najimy and The White LotusJennifer Coolidge.

And, before we get into it, we just want to note that Coolidge appears ready to end her year with another iconic comedic performance. In fact, the trailer features the Legally Blonde alum wearing a Glinda costume in the middle of a nativity play. (For the record, we can’t wait to see that particular scene unfold.)

So outside of Coolidge, what is Single All the Way about? Well, the film follows the unlucky-in-love Peter (Urie), who asks his best friend Nick (Philemon Chambers) to come home with him for the holidays so his family doesn’t think he’s alone.

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