Alyssa Milano Walks Us Through the Chaotic Start of Her Book Tour

So just hours before Sorry Not Sorry, her collection of intensely personal essays, was set to hit shelves Oct. 26, “I was not feeling relaxed,” she describes, before correcting her extreme understatement. “I mean, as relaxed as you can be when you’re releasing a book, I didn’t even feel any of that.”

Parents Lin and Thomas, who live just five minutes from the California home Alyssa shares with agent husband David Bugliari, their son Milo, 10, and daughter Elizabella, 7, and a few friends “all pitched in and, you know, got the kids to where they needed to go, to baseball practice, to gymnastics,” she explains.

But her pre-dawn wake-up call for the day’s first interview did little to assuage her nerves. 

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