90 Day Fiancé’s Geoffrey Paschel Found Guilty of Kidnapping

In his testimony, Paschel said his relationship with Wilson Chapman in the night in question was “a little off,” adding, “In any relationship, you have your ups and you have your downs.”

He testified that they spent five hours together at a restaurant, during which they had cocktails, and then returned to her home, both of them “drunk.” He said he “ended up walking her dog” and that while outside, he phoned his son to check on his own pets. He said that when he returned, Wilson Chapman confronted him and “aggressively” confronted him, “thinking that I was actually talking to another female out there.”

Paschel said they got into an argument and that she later “ran smack into the door” while leaving the house, and then returned inside, appearing with “blood coming out of her nose.” He also testified that later that night, she “ran into the wall” and “bounced around the wall.”

He said they eventually went to bed together and Wilson Chapman woke up and exited the house, telling him she was calling the police. “I just chalked it up that she was drunk and was going to walk it off and walk back,” Paschel said. “And roughly 30 minutes later, the police showed up.”

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