OVH hosting provider goes down during planned maintenance

OVH, the largest hosting provider in Europe and the third-largest in the world, went down earlier today following what looks like routing configuration issues during planned maintenance.

OVH has 32 data centers with over 300,000 servers on four continents and a total of 20 Tbit/s global network capacity.

It provides web hosting, cloud computing services, and dedicated servers to 1,300,000 enterprise customers worldwide.

Outage caused by maintenance issues

“We will do a maintenance on our routers on VIN DC to improve our routing,” the company said on its status page before its servers went down.

“Maintenance is planned for 13/Oct/21 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM ( UTC+2). No impact expected, device will be isolated before the change.”

However, due to unknown issues encountered during the planned maintenance, the hosting provider’s servers became unreachable, also taking down customers’ sites with them.

According to reports [12], the ongoing outage only affects IPv4 infrastructure, with IPv6 infra still up and reachable over the Internet.

When trying to connect to the OVH website, users are currently seeing “Error 503: Backend unavailable” errors explaining that “This type of error usually results of an unavailability of servers behind IP Load Balancing.”

Visitors are asked to refresh the site or return in a few minutes and reach out to OVH’s support team if the problem persists.

The hosting provider’s status page also went down with the company’s servers during the maintenance process, with the page now displaying “The connection has timed out. An error occurred during a connection to,” errors.

OVH loading errors
OVH loading errors (BleepingComputer)

Earlier his year, major sites also went offline after OVH data centers from Strasbourg, France, burnt down in March.

Its SBG1, SBG2, SBG3, and SBG4 Strasbourg data centers were shut down to contain the damage from the fire that started in SBG2.

The list of impacted clients included videogame maker Rustprovider of free chess server, telecom company AFR-IX, encryption utility VeraCryptnews outlet eeNews Europecryptocurrency exchange Deribit‘s blog and docs sitesthe art building complex Centre Pompidouand many many others.

The company’s founder later explained that SBG2 was an older generation center built in 2011 and that OVH was working towards replacing older infra with newer technology.  

This is a developing story …

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