Google just had another record quarter because or in spite of everything going on

Google has done it again — raking in more money than ever before for the second quarter in a row as the COVID-19 pandemic continues on. Alphabet’s Q3 2021 earnings show an all-time record revenue of $65.1 billion and record profits for the fifth quarter in a row at $18.9 billion.

As we mentioned last quarter, the growth we’re seeing in 2021 is unusually large: a huge leap over 2020.

Revenue increased 41 percent year over year; profits increased 69 percent.

Proportionally, Google’s businesses seem to all be doing roughly the same was they were last quarter, just slightly better in each case — like $37.9 billion for Google’s all-important search business this quarter compared to $35.8 billion last quarter. (It’s the jump year-over-year that’s boggles the mind: search is pulling in $11 billion more this year than it did last year at this time.)

We’ll add some specifics here, and we’ll also be on the earnings call at 1:30PM PT to see if Google adds more color.

Google is facing down a bevy of antitrust lawsuits arguing that at least some of these are ill-gotten gains. They suggest Google boosted its own ad buying system over competitors, that it tracked users even in incognito mode, collected location data even after users turned off location sharing, tried to pay off phone makers and app developers, and more. Most recently, it was accused of throttling webpage load speeds to promote its own AMP competitor.


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