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Video clip captures sad moment motor rider loses control, crashes into a clothing store and fly over counter  » Nsemkeka

A biker has been sighted in a freak accident after he lost control of his motorcycle and went crashing into a clothing shop along the street. 

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A video circulating on social media vividly shows how the accident occurred. According to NDTV report, the incident occurred at around 8.30 pm on Monday night at Raavichettu Bazaar in Telangana’s Khammam district.

As seen on CCTV, the footage opens to show 4 people sitting inside the store. While 3 of them appear to be customers, the fourth person seems to be a staff person. The cyclist came skidding on the floor and monumentality flew in the air over the counter.

Fortunately, all four people managed to escape the crash and the bike driver also survives without any major injuries.

As per the NDTV report, the accident was caused by failure of the motorcycle’s brakes. The biker who apologized for the accident said he lost control of the vehicle after its brakes had failed.

Watch the video

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