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Suspect Nearly Escapes From Courtroom To Avoid Being Sentenced

A South African lawyer named Naledi has taken to social media to narrate how her client nearly escaped from the courtroom while he was being prosecuted for his crime in order to escape being sentenced.


According to her, the suspect tried escaping from the courtroom to avoid being sent into custody but unfortunately, he couldn’t make it past the front door as he was immediately recaptured by the officers around.

She claimed that the suspect arrived in court for a hearing on his application filed, which she had submitted on his behalf, but that he tried to flee the courtroom.

She revealed this through a tweet by saying;

“LMFAO! My client literally just ran out of court trying to escape custody. He didn’t make it past the door but I admire his courage. Our court is on the second-floor mind you. Wena! I’m so defeated because his matter is appearing for bail application, and one of the reasons you must prove is that you are NOT a flight risk, there goes my entire application!!!”

See the tweet below:

In other news, Sista Afia has debunked claims of chasing after Medikal and Shatta Wale, says she will never waste her time to fight another woman over a man and she has never done much in her entire life.

According to the singer, when the two rappers were caught up with the laws of the land, she used her platform to back the Freedom campaign initiated by some fans on social media. She said that she has always had a personal relationship with Medikal but the same cannot be said about Shatta Wale even though she was part of the #FreeShattaWale campaign.

Speaking in an interview on Okay FM’s Ekwansodwodwo with Abeiku Santana, Sista Afia stated she is a “speck”, hence she needs not to stain her reputation and lower herself by fighting over a man.

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