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South East Governors Condemn Alleged Killing Of 2 Policemen By Youths In Ebonyi

The chairman of the forum, David Umahi, made the submission in a statement after they held an emergency meeting.

Umahi intimated that the police community will not relent on their efforts until they get to the bottom of the matter and apprehend the culprits.

The statement reads in part: “We condemn in strong terms the video clip and write-up, we saw in some social and print media, where two policemen were said to have been killed and their heads cut-off by youths who styled themselves as members of IPOB/ESN.

“We have resolved among ourselves to work with security agencies to determine the authenticity of this video/report and if found to be true, to apprehend the perpetrators by all possible means to face the law.

“We are aware of similar videos in the past and which when subjected to forensic review were found to have happened outside Nigeria. We assure Nigerians, especially the police community that we will not rest until we have done justice to this matter.

The governors reiterated their commitment to fighting against hard drugs in the zone, with the new drug in circulation known as Methamphetamine, locally known as Mkpurumiri.

“We have decided that all shops and locations where any hard drug is sold will be forfeited to the State Government and all those promoting the trade or indulging in hard drugs shall be seriously isolated to face the law.

“Rehabilitation of those misled into hard drugs is also ongoing. We urge community leaders to give secret phone calls through the special numbers offered by our Governors on security and hard drugs.

“We thank all our youths for the relative peace we enjoy in the South East now. We are committed to your welfare. We want those who were misled to carry arms against our people and security agencies to surrender their arms to the Governors and get rehabilitated back to the society.


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