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“Selly Galley Is Not My Friend”-Choirmaster’s Wife, Beverly Afaglo Reveals

Celebrated Ghanaian actress, Beverly Afaglo who also happens to be the wife of a member of the famous Praye musical group has revealed that the wife of her husband’s teammate is not her friend despite being married to members of the same group.


This comes after she revealed that her husband’s teammate, Praye Tietia, and his wife, Selly Galley never reached out to her after her apartment got burnt some few weeks ago. According to Beverly Aflaglo, the couple never called nor donated anything to them after she lost her property.

Speaking with Abeiku Santana on the United Showbiz aired on United Television, Beverly Afaglo revealed that she has never considered Selly Galley, her colleague in the movie industry as her friend.

However, she explained that they are not at loggerheads neither does it have anything to do with the separation of their husbands from the Praye group but she has never considered her as a friend.

In other news, award-winning rapper, Thorsten Owusu Gyimah, well known as Yaw Tog has recounted how he was forced to sign a bond in school because they didn’t want him to skip his classes to focus more on his music career.

Yaw Tog who recently completed his secondary education at the Opoku Ware Senior High School(OWASS) stated that his headmaster had to force him to sign a bond of good conduct, never to skip school for his music career until he finally write his last paper.

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