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Remi Surutu Slams A Follower Who Criticized Her For Not Mourning Baba Suwe Publicly

Actress Remi Surutu has slammed a follower of hers who criticized her for not mourning the late Baba Suwe publicly asking whether he/she thinks she’s like others who do things for the gram.

Veteran actor Baba Suwe kicked the bucket yesterday and some people took to social media to mourn him publicly and a follower of Remi Surutu noticed she didn’t mourn the late actor publicly hence, criticized her over that.

Remi Surutu replying to the follower went hard on him/her asking if they (silly people) think they can just slide into the DM of any celebrity to talk trash about something no one should joke around with calling him/her shameless.

According to Remi Surutu, the follower is dumb for him/her not to have realized that she doesn’t need to show publicly that she’s grieving as others do on the gram before someone could know she’s hurt with the sad and heavy loss for Nollywood.

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She went on to ask why the follower asked a silly question that why she didn’t post a dime thing asking whether she lives her life for the follower or runs her page for him or her warning him/her to be sensible and not clot chase with her.

Some netizens sometimes do not think before approaching others on the gram in relating to some sensitive issue and Remi Surutu has just given this follower what he/she deserves because not everyone wants to show off their grieve or pain on the gram.

screenshot below;


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