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Normalize Sending Girls Transport Fare — Socialite, Vera To Men

Nigerian socialite, Vera has sent a direct message to men in a video admonishing them to normalize sending girls money when they want them to visit them.

Vera bemoaned how men expect ladies to be responsible for the payment of transport fares after they asked them to pay them a visit at their homes.

According to her, she is not the one who wants to see you but it is the other way round, therefore you must do the needful before she moves out of her house.

Reacting to her public notice. @ijebuu wrote; `When u Dey go , I no go give you money again abi… let iron it oo before you come my place. Thank you

Another user @yungascoli; `If dem send you transport fare, and you still no come nko?😂😂
Make dey carry you go court😂

@iamnaby; `If you come like am kor? You’ll continue to be collecting transfer? 😂😂 Abeg getat you don’t have a point

Meanwhile, Businesswoman and hair dealer, Laura Ikeji has lost her cool after a follower gave her polite order on her page.

Laura Ikeji had shared a video showing off her newly made-up face and with a new hairstyle and a follower identified as @okaforKaycee politely ordered her to get out.

Reacting to the follower, Laura Ikeji said she is not the type of person who likes to fight others as her only goal is to make money and have fun on the space and she wondered why someone who she has not wronged or said anything about will tell her to get out of her own page.

She angrily ordered OkaforKaycee to back to the post and delete the comment because she does not want trouble.



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