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He’s a Hard Guy- Stephen Appiah Says As He Hangs Out With John Dramani Mahama’s Son- Watch

Former Ghana captain, Stephen Appiah has been seen in a TikTok video exuding positive vibes with the son of former President John Mahama, Sharaf Mahama.

The meeting between the two distinguished personalities reportedly took place at the Pulse Fitness Center in East Legon after their regular workout routine.

Appiah who played for scores of European elite clubs before hanging his boots a few years ago is seen hyping up Sharaf, saying he’s a hard guy and that nobody should see him as a ‘dada bee’.

“This guy loves flexing. That’s Sharaf, he looks like Dada Bee but he is not. Hard guy. We enjoyed ourselves this morning,” Appiah said interspersed with a warm smile that was reciprocated by the young lad.

Sharaf and Appiah have been friends for long, with Mahama’s son playing at the ex-footballer’s testimonial game. Watch the video below;

In a related development, Ghanaian Instagram blogger Sweet Maame Adjoa recently released exclusive footage of the child of the former Prez of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama having a blast in the beautiful city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates with a bevy of ladies.

The video of the young man, Shahid Mahama popped up as he was having fun to commemorate his birthday which fell on August 16, 2021. The video first crawled its way to the internet after it was posted by her female friends which captured him partying with some beautiful ladies while in a buoyant mood in Dubai.

John Dramani Mahama’s children don’t like the social media buzz and always keep their activities away from the public which is why this video comes as a surprise, albeit we know he also has his own life to live just like any other person.

Shahid is the second son of former John Dramani Mahama with the eldest being Sharik Mahama, followed by Sharaf and Farida, the only female amongst the four kids. Watch the video as shared on Instagram by Sweet Maame Adwoa.

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