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Grandma Seen Dancing And Smoking “Shisha” While Baby Sitting (VIDEO)

We have stumbled on a sh0cking video of an old woman enjoying herself whilst babysitting her grandchild.

The grandmother who is in her 60s was captured in a video heavily smoking ‘shisha’ in the living room while dancing to music playing at home and believes she was doing this during the absence of her children.

The video has sparked mixed reactions on social media and some have condemned her for smoking in the presence of her grandchild as they point out health effects to the child. Some also raised fears the child will emulate the grandmother.


In other news, the Logistics Manager of Davido, Isreal DMW has shot down claims that his trip to the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, was sponsored by music executive, Soso Soberekon.

IG blogger, Cutie Julls alleged that Davido turned down his request to let Isreal DMW join him on his trip to Dubai where he went to celebrate his birthday because of his drinking habits.

Cutie Julls furthered that after Davido refused to take Isreal along with him, a member of his team, Soso Soberekon offered to pay for his flight and warned him not to do disappointment him by doing anything that he will regret but things went sour between them in Dubai and eventually unfollowed each other.

In a post by Isreal DMW, he established that he sponsored the trip to Dubai himself with the help of his boss, Davido.


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