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‘Ghanaian Gospel Musicians Are Really Suffering’ – Patience Nyarko Opens Up

Ghanaian gospel musician, Patience Nyarko has opened up about the struggles gospel musicians in Ghana are going through.

Patience Nyarko explained that since they are afraid of public persecution, the gospel artists would rather swallow their awful living conditions than make it public or seek help, according to her.
Some of her fellow musicians have had to remain silent about their struggles in order to avoid being targeted by social media trolls, while others have amazing tunes but are having trouble giving birth to them.

Patience made her submission in a chat with Kwasi Aboagye on Peace FM’s ‘Entertainment Review’ Show.

She stated that secular artists have an advantage over them, noting the following: “You can’t take Shatta’s money without his permission. He’ll make a fuss over it “A gospel musician, on the other hand, cannot do such things.

In her words:“A lot of the gospel artistes are intimidated to the extent that, even when something worries them, they remain silent because they think when they talk, people will verbally assault them. Even when it’s their right to retrieve their moeny when someone squanders it, they won’t say anything because he or she is thinking people will insult them should they talk about it . . . sometimes, their songs also remain in their rooms because they don’t have the capital to promote it. . . . so, gospel artistes are really suffering,” 


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