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Get Out Of My Car’ – Man Drags Lady Out Of His Car By Force

A man embarrassed a lady in front of her peers after he came to meet the lady seated in his luxurious car.

In a video sighted on social media, the man could be seen asking the lady what she is doing in his car and though we could not ascertain the reason for his rude behavior, it is clear that the two have an unresolved issue.

The man entered the car and aggressively tried to drag her out of the car by force whilst another lady watches. The lady was heard begging him to forgive her as she said ‘I’m sorry’ that indicates that she was the problem.

See a few comments below;

mobotore wrote; `He must have discovered she cheated on him with immediate person he knows, that’s the action that brings such anger. He is very irritated to see her still in his car

shanca01 wrote;`I will always say this… “ladies, before going out for a date or whatsoever, have some money in your bag just incase… At the first… He has right to his car… That’s his property.. He can ask anyone to get down.. …

harissonpartel wrote; `Ladies learn to enjoy the comfort of your parents cars and always carry your own money for taxi fare

khojorozae wrote; `When you are not in situations you think the sensible person 😀😀..I see funny comments all over ..can’t blame the guy because is just a one sided video


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