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Fake It Till You Make It Is For Cowards – Afia Schwarzenegger Says (Video)

Comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger has spit some sense into the heads of those with the notion that you have to fake your lifestyle until you make it telling them that is for cowards.

Some of the female celebrities and public figures who live fake lifestyles on the gram console themselves with the saying fake it till it become real but Afia Schwarzenegger has made it clear to them that it’s only cowards who go by that saying.

According to her, you have to face your struggles until you make it to live your life according to your means as that’s the only way no one will tell you any nonsense you don’t want to hear but when you are faking your lifestyles you have to endure it.

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Afia Schwarzenegger is right with her advice of facing your challenges until you make it and not fake it but the question here is, does she go by her own advice as we have heard countless times that she has been faking her life on social media claiming things that aren’t hers.

If Afia Schwarzenegger and all those living fake lifestyles could take this advice, the young ones that are being pressured because of what they see online won’t be under pressure to make it at all cost when they get to a certain stage and they will face their challenges until they make it.

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