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Davido Should Come Out To List The Orphanages He Donated N200M To – Seyi Gbangbola

Founder & Exec. Director of The Tribe Alliance for Nigeria Seyi Gbangbola has thrown a challenge to Nigerian artist Davido to share publicly the list of orphanages he will be donating the N200 million he got from the donations he received.

Seyi Gbangbola in a long post stated that a lot of people post on social media that they will be donating to orphanages but they end up not showing proof of payment. He has urged Davido to make public the date for the transfer, the listed orphanages, and the amount he is giving to each orphanage.

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In a lengthy post, Seyi wrote…

“In a country like Nigeria, giving donations like this is almost like saying you want to go spread your clothes outside to dry while there is a rainstorm.

We are yet to know what happened to the N5billion cuppy received from her father.

Orphanages that we know to have very corrupt management. The lives of the management of orphanages are completely different from the lives of the kids in their care.

And spare me the crap about not telling people how to spend their money. You can advise people on how to spend their money rationally so that it can have the most positive impact on their business or in this case, in the lives of the people. Durh! It is the reason we have what is called financial advisors.

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Furthermore, there are projects that this money will help in impacting the lives of Nigerians. Build free schools or libraries to help with the regressing education climate of Nigerians. You can ask your friends to donate funds for the running of the schools, even ordinary Nigerians can help to maintain the schools with little change. Set up a committee to be in charge of running and maintaining the facilities. You can also build health care facilities to help with our health sector. Also, you can build small low-cost houses to help people in very low-income communities to have a better roof over their heads.

We need to see and feel real beneficiaries get the help they need.

But this donation to “orphanages” should be investigated by The ghostbusters. Not just come out of nowhere and say you will donate the money to “orphanages”. Just donating that money to orphanages will not maximize the potentials of the funds.

But trust Nigerians to always praise and sing the greatest of humans without even thinking. Embarrassing! Tomorrow nobody gon ask questions about how were those funds distributed. But I will come back to this topic later on. I’m observing for now. We will see how it goes from here.

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