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Am I Aging At All? – Akumaa Mama Zimbi Asks As She Celebrates Her Birthday

Akumaa Mama Zimbi celebrating her birthday today has asked whether she’s aging at all as she seems surprised with her age and figure as she looks younger than her age.

Akumaa Mama Zimbi thanked God for the gift of life and also asked for protection, blessing and some other things as she prepares to face another phase of her life and she’s wondering if she’s aging at all.

Akumaa Mama Zimbi obviously looks younger than her age and it’s a good thing that she has noticed that herself so if someone mentions somewhere that she’s young or give her a age younger than her real age, she won’t be offended.

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Fans and colleagues in the industry have celebrated Akumaa Mama Zimbi as she turns plus one today but guess most of them didn’t she her question asking whether she is aging or they basically escaped it for her to figure that out on her own.

The fact that she doesn’t look her age doesn’t mean Akumaa Mama Zimbi isn’t old and she has been in the industry for a very long time hence needs the necessary respect from everyone. Happy birthday to her and to her question, yes she’s aging but doesn’t look it.

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